About Us
Trendsetting-Purposeful-Affordable with Old Fashion Customer Service

Welcome to émanuel.le… We appreciate you!

We are an online Canadian children’s boutique that carries the coolest brands and hottest trends from around the world. Our online store provides an array of fresh style solutions, accessories and gift ideas for little girls & boys NB-8 years old.

émanuel.le is the one stop shop for the fashion-conscious customer who does not have to sacrifice on quality. Here you will find curated kids fashion at affordable prices. We're a small hand picked team that work very hard to make sure our customers are happy, satisfied and promptly assisted with inquires.

Our catalogue of clothing is carefully selected to represent our own code of ethics and morals. Our brands either have a great cause attached to them or stand for one of our strong philosophies.

-Ethical towards animals
-Honest conversations
-On trend
-No nasties added
-Quality fabrics
-Faith based
-Health consciousness

Meet The Owner
Fashion - Plant enthusiast - Disney lover  

“It’s all the small pieces that make the big picture”! I’m a wife, mom, type A organization obsessed. I was raised on country music and you can often find me singing the lyrics of old school hip hop songs.

The short and sweet of it all: I worked as an entertainer for Disney and in 2012 pursued my passion for design. This leap led me to start my own women’s fashion label inspired by my travels. After the birth of my first daughter, it was clear that fashion had my heart but that she ruled it. It was clear to me that there was a lack of “on trend” kids clothing that stood out but that also stood for something. From this, I created my children's boutique.

From humble beginnings, I started selling children’s clothing from my front entrance closet in my home and out of trunk of my car.

This leads us to émanuel.le… After many pop ups and late nights. caring about my customers desires and needs and driven genuinely good quality customer service, my business has grown into something I wholeheartedly enjoy and love.

émanuel.le is strongly knit together by passion, hard work, a strong support system, loyal customers that I'm forever grateful for and the 2 sweetest models (my daughters) that have helped every step along the way.

The Meaning Behind The Name émanuel.le
[ay-man-u-elle] - Faith over everything - "God with us"

Faith is a founding pillar of my personal make up and is at the forefront of how I raise my kids. This name just came to my heart one day and felt right. 

émanuel.le was originally named "Petites Poupées" the French words for "little dolls" and catered solely to the little girls of the world.

With a big demand to also carry boys goods, we’ve rebranded with a unisex name ; that still has French twist to represent my heritage.

Émanuel.le can be written ending in "el" for a boy or "elle" for a girl; staying true to French spelling. 

We believe that consumers are after 3 main areas while shopping: the overall experience, product affordability, and product practicality. THESE are the true values behind the birth of émanuel.le 

 With love and gratitude, we hope that we have brought those values to you shopping experience today.