Delicate Wash - Bondi Wash

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The Bondi Wash Delicate Wash is designed for delicate fabrics that require a lower pH such as silk, lace and cashmere. The Delicate Wash Detergent is a gentle formula effectively cleans stains and smells with fragrant Australian native ingredients.

To use: Suitable for washing delicates including wool, linen, silk, and nylon. Pour two capfuls (10ml) into a bucket or sink for hand washing. For machine washing in a front loader, use 4 capfuls (20ml). For a top loader, use 4 capfuls (20ml) for an average load, and up to 6 capfuls (30ml) for a large load.

Bondi Wash tip: We recommend the Delicate Wash to also clean babies’ clothes and linens.  Can also be used by those experiencing irritation from strong synthetic perfumes and aggressive additives in commercial detergents.

500ml (lasts 50 hand washes or 25 machine washes) 

Ingredients: Purified water, plant-based surfactants, plant-derived alcohol, glycerin, citric acid, glyceryl capyrylate, Australian bush oils, essential oils, acacia senegal gum, sodium phytate.

In the clothing wash line, we carry the Laundry Wash and the Delicate Wash.

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